Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Traits I hate about girls!!!

I have had a realization of positive thinking lately; you might wonder that the title is showing the other way round; the positive attitude is reflected as I have used ‘don’t like’ and not ‘hate’. Well you might again wonder why you should bother about my likes and dislikes and rightly so. The answer is pretty simple because everyone agrees to it but doesn’t dare to speak. I am taking this risk without thinking about the catastrophic ramifications it can have on my life including the harsh physical implications…
Ok here it goes:
1. Nagging: GRRR! I hate when girls including my sisters and of course all mothers nag!!!!!!!!!!
God has blessed us with a mouth and brain do something creative why bother others. :P
2. Gossip: I agree that boys do chat a little about girls and some other things :P but not like girls they can get started anywhere and about anything… and above all believe this is a talent..
3. Acting innocent: Girls for sure know more bad stuff then boys but can conveniently act innocent like when you speak something ‘bad’ they want to laugh but keep blank instead..
4. Poke their nose in every matter that’s concerns their B/F or brother or younger sister.
5. Not telling what is no their mind any time and expecting others to guess it accurately and act accordingly. Basically being confused and not clear on thoughts.
6. Considering people who speak on face(about girls): chauvinist.
7. Taking too long to dress up and do make up and then even if they don’t look good they want you to compliment. Don’t believe me try to tell any girl after an hour of makeup that she isn’t looking that good.:P
8. Using the best thing at their disposal to get work done by others(boys) :P
9. (Mis) matching jewelry or clothes and calling it fashion. :P
This is not an exhaustive list but certainly covers all the important points… to which two of my friends (girls) agree…


  1. That last line was ADDED!!! :P All that you said is true..but if not for all that; we wont be GIRLS! We would be boys :)

  2. Thought i shouldn't comment but then when its such a topic like dis its unavoidable! Couldn't resist. Rightly said geets and adding to that is the fact that guys expect it from a gal! You certainly don't wanna go out with a gal who looks like she just got up from bed n don't wanna them acting indifferent when you are involved n most definitely dont wann them to know more than you do! They are just making you feel good pretending they know nothing.